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Fucked on the Lonely Island
07-04-2012, 02:07 AM (This post was last modified: 08-01-2012 12:07 AM by thelostsoul14.)
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Fucked on the Lonely Island
Hello all! This story is a wild fantasy, purely imaginary and stretched to impossible and unimaginable limits.... Darwin's theory of Evolution. I hope you'll enjoy it. Even if you don't like it, please give a feedback.

John, the Chairman of a leading cosmetics company in Canterbury, United Kingdom was to attend an important meeting in New York. He was a dashing young and handsome blonde man in late twenties.
He had a discussion with directors and had left for boarding his private plane. Omkar Singh, an Indian pilot was to fly him to his destination. As he reached there his plane was ready, he got in it. Omkar Singh was tall, dark, robust and handsome just about his age. They shook hands and greeted each other. The plane took off. John was busy in reading some reports that he had to discuss in the meeting. After some time, John put the papers aside and closed his eyes and laid back to relax.

He felt a violent jerk and was alarmed. He panicked and shouted ‘What happened?’

‘Don’t know sir! Suddenly a cloud appeared and something happened that shook up the carrier. We are still into that cloud, I have lost my connection to the ground. The controls are not working. I’ve never experienced something like this ever.’

‘To hell with your experience, just concentrate on the controls.’ John yelled.

The plane started falling down. John was afraid, Omkar kept his calm and tried his best to control the plane. Suddenly, the controls started working and the pilot managed to land the plane but with a loud thud. It was sandy so the shock was not much terrible. But the plane was damaged.

Both of them had suffered some bruises, but that was all. Nothing major happened to them. They lay there subconscious. Omkar got up and got out of the plane and examined it.

‘This is beyond repairs, Sir.’ He came upto John and told him.

John opened his eyes and looked around.

‘Where the hell are we?’

‘I don’t know!’

‘What do you know, you scoundrel. You ruined the plane, you ruined my schedule. What am I gonna do now? You are gonna pay for this. Do you have any idea, what is the magnitude of the loss that your recklessness has caused?’ John yelled at him.

Omkar was furious at this as John was blaming him for no reason.

‘Listen I am calling you sir, and being very respectful. Better mind your tongue. It wasn’t my carelessness, something extra ordinary happened.’ Omkar roared.

‘Don’t you give lame excuses, you bloody son of a bitch.’ John shouted.

‘Oye’ Omkar roared. ‘I told you I wont tolerate any more abuses. If I start abusing, then you’ll find no words. And it won’t be good for you and your health.’

John shuddered and realized that it was not good for him to fight this man. Omkar had moved to the other side of the plane. John slammed the door and kicked it. He turned and freezed with eyes wide open in fear.

A lion was standing in front of him about 200 metres away. It was ready to leap up at him. John held the cross dangling on his chest and closed his eyes to pray. He knew that today was his last day. Suddenly he heard a loud roar, he opened his eyes and saw something that he couldn’t believe. The Indian man, Omkar was fighting the lion. He was looking like a small kid in front of the giant lion. His muscles were flexing as he was braving that unimaginable task.

The man had tremendous strength and courage to fight the lion. He was holding his giant paws and it seemed that a wrestling match was going on. Om had enormous biceps and every muscle in his body was working to get the lion down. Gradually Omkar seemed to be exhausting, but as the lion was about to leap at him he held his jaws and tried to open it wide. He gathered all his courage and with one hand holding the lion’s jaw he poked his finger into one of the lion’s eyes. The lion roared with pain and then the man got hold of the jaw again and tried to pull it hard.

The lion was attacking him with his paws, but he managed to save himself from them. His clothes were all torn and he was even bleeding. He gave a final pull as the lion was getting weak, and pulled apart the jaw and the lion painfully shrieked. It had given in.

When he was sure that the lion wont get up soon, he rushed towards the plane searched his bag and took out a dagger. He rushed back attacked the lion with the dagger. The lion was still. The man stood there all stained with blood.

John rushed to him. He was shaking badly. He fell on his knees and clung to Omkar’s legs.

‘I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much for saving my life.’

Omkar looked down at John. His manly and hairy chest bulges expanding and contracting as he was panting. He didn’t say anything. John was weeping. He held John’s and hands and asked him to get up.

‘I am sorry for my rudeness. And ….’ John said trembling.

‘Its all over.’ Omkar said panting, ‘forget the past.’ His hairy chest with shining drops of sweat was rising and falling due to extreme exhaustion. He sat down on the ground.

Just then a pair of Lion and Lioness emerged. They sniffed the dead lion.

John saw them and panicked. He clung onto Omkar and sought refuge behind the mighty shoulders. The Indian man sprang up, but was exhausted. John was holding onto Om’s muscular thighs with terror. They came upto them and licked Omkar’s feet.

‘They mean no harm.’ Omkar said, still panting. He patted them and kissed them and they also expressed their affection. Both the men were surprised at the mysterious behavior of the lion and the lioness.

‘I will call you Shankar,’ the man said to the lion, ‘and you Gauri’, he said this to the lioness.

‘Oh you’ve christened them.’ John exclaimed, still trembling. ‘And what’s your name?’

He had forgotten that he had been told the name of the pilot. He was all shaken up.

‘Om… Omkar Singh. But you can call me Om’

‘That’s better, I think. What are we supposed to do?’ John said.

‘Take some rest.’ Saying this Om started removing the clothes that had turned to mere rags.
Doing this he unveiled his enormously robust physique. Om was muscular, with wide and round shoulders and wide, well developed and muscular chest bulges covered with attractively patterned chest hair that ran down his muscular and perfectly V-shaped torso. He had removed all his tattered clothes. Now he was only in underwear, revealing his enormously bulky and muscular and hairy thighs.

John was awestruck. Om was machismo personified. He was a perfect example of manliness, strength and courage and John was thankful that they didn’t have a fight.

John took out the first aid box and cleaned his wounds.

‘Let’s move further and find a better place to rest.’ Om said. John agreed without a single word.

They walked on for about an hour.

‘I think there’s a river, I can hear the sound of water.’ Om exclaimed.

John looked at him. But Om advanced without waiting for John’s response. The pair of lions was following them.

After walking for a few moments they saw a waterfall surrounded by thick foliage. It was a heavenly place.

‘Aah! What a relief!’ Om said in a relaxed tone and removing his shoes he dived into the water. He emerged out of the water after a while and swam to the bank where John was standing.

‘Come on Mr. John, have a bath and you will be relaxed and energized.’

‘N.N…N…No! I have always been into the swimming pools, never in such natural ones. I am afraid.’

‘Don’t worry, I am here with you, I won’t let you drown. Be a sport Mr. john. Get in.’

John hesitated and kept resisting, but Om pursued him and John finally decided to get into the water. John removed his clothes. He was a nicely built man too, very fair, smooth and clean skin without any trace of hair. He was fairly muscular.

John slowly descended into the water and didn’t get too far off the bank. He dipped and enjoyed the soothing feel of the water. Suddenly Om pulled him and dragged him into the deeper water.

‘Oh no Om. I am not comfortable with this…. Don’t….’

But Om got over John and asked him to hold on tightly. John clung on, his face on Om’s hairy chest. He felt awkward and shy. He felt some heat around his stomach, it was Om’s stretched out hard penis. John was restless as he couldn’t get off that feeling. Om swam for sometime and then got to the bank. John was trembling. He went on to take his clothes, but they were not there. John and Om searched for the clothes but could not find them anywhere. Maybe they had flown away in the strong winds. Now John was feeling uncomfortable with just his underwear on his body. And he was developing strange feelings about Om.

‘The sun is getting down, in about two hours it will be dark. Let’s find a place to spend the night.’

‘I don’t want to spend the night here. I want to get out of the forest.’ John said in a helpless manner.

‘Neither do I want to spend any time here Mr John, but we have no choice. Its getting dark, lets gather twigs and wood to burn.’

‘How will you make a fire?’ John questioned.

‘Just like the tribal people did.’


Om started collecting the dry branches and twigs. Seeing no other way out, John also helped him. The lion and the lioness were with them.

When they had collected enough material to last for the night, Om felt hungry.

‘Don’t you feel hungry?’ Om asked John.

‘Yes! But…’

‘But, what? We will have to survive on the wild fruits.’

‘No way, they can be poisonous.’

‘Do you have any other option?’

‘But I wont eat these.’

‘As you wish! There’s a tree over there, and the fruits look delicious. That’s why I stopped here.’

Saying this Om climbed up the tree and plucked some fruits off it and threw them down. John collected them and gave them to Om when he got down.

Om took a bite and said it was delicious. He ate it up. John looked at him for sometime and when he saw that it was edible, as it didn’t harm Om, he took one and started eating.

After the dinner Om lit up the fire. John praised him for that.

‘It feels like you are well acquainted with the forest life.’

‘Had a mountaineer’s training during graduation. That’s all!’ Om replied.

Om put some leaves to make the bed.

‘I don’t feel sleepy.’ John said.

‘At least lie down and straighten your back. I will lie on this side of the fire with Gauri on my side and you over the other side of the fire and Shankar for your safety.’

‘No, I am afraid of these lions, what if these guards eat me up?’

‘Hahaha’ Om laughed heartily. ‘Then, what’s your plan Sir?’ He asked John.

‘I will lie near the fire, you beside me and adjust the lions as you want, but nowhere near me.’

‘Okay Mr. John, as you wish!’ Om said and prepared the bed of leaves and got the lions to sit at such positions that the wild animals would remain away and lied down.

‘Mr. John be comfortable, and sleep away from the fire.’ Om instructed John.

John lied down. ‘Weren’t you afraid of the lion?’ He asked.

‘I don’t know. I just saw that it was going to attack you, and I couldn’t think of anything else.’

‘You are The Man! The Brave Man! I worship you!’ John said emotionally.

‘Hmmm! I am feeling sleepy! Good night!’ Om replied and closed his eyes.

‘good night!’ John murmured and looked at Om. He couldn’t sleep.

He kept gazing here and there. Cool breeze made him relax. The scene of Om fighting the lion kept flashing into his mind. Suddenly he heard some strange sounds of wild animals as he had heard in various programmes in the Discovery Channel. He looked at the lions. They were calm.

He was scared and dragged closer to Om. He felt secure. Om was snoring.
Another loud noise made him cling to Om. He rested his head on Om’s wide and hairy chest. As the soft chest hair brushed his smooth skin, he felt a sensation. He took a deep breath and Om’s warm body odour seemed like aroma. Om embraced him into his muscular arm and stroked his head. John raised his head and saw that Om was sleeping soundly. John relaxed and again rested against his wide chest.

The strange feeling had aroused John and he kissed Om’s hairy chest softly and ran his fingers through Om’s chest hair. As his fingers brushed Om’s nipple, he felt a sensation running through his body. He tried to rub his body against the rough body of the macho man. John was getting feminine. He thought for a moment, what was happening to him. But soon he shrugged off such wandering thoughts and again gave a soft kiss on The Man’s robust chest.

Om restlessly moved and stroked John’s head and held him tightly against his warm body. Om was heating up. Om’s penis was expanding as John was caressing his chest enjoying the sensational feeling that was adrenalising him. He saw Om’s other hand moving. John raised up a little to see what Om was doing. Om was caressing his dick that was covered under his underwear.

Om slowly lowered his underwear and took his large dick in his hand and stroked it. Then he pressed John to move down. John tried to stop him but Om was much more powerful. John was pushed down. Om’s penis was just a few inches from his face. It was majestic, very dark, very large, very stout and covered with dense pubic hair at the root. Om’s palm rubbed John’s face and Om inserted his finger into John’s mouth, it was salty due to sweat. John sucked it.

Om held his penis and thrust John’s head as if asking him to take it in his mouth. Om's hot hard and erect beast touched John's lips and transferred the liquid that was oozing out, on them. John licked it and found it very intoxicating and arousing. Om again put his fingers around John's lips and tried to pump his penis in his mouth. John tried to get back, but couldn't escape fulfilling Om's desire. It was quite thick and Om was thrusting it with power and command, so John had to open his mouth wide. Om's enormous penis drilled him. Om stroked John's head. As he loosened his grip, John got away.

Now Om turned sideways to John and dragged his head into his pubic region. John’s face was between Om’s hairy thighs and his lips touching the hot beast full of lust, again. Om, holding his penis dragged John’s head closer and shoved his enormous cock into John’s mouth, once again. John had to open his mouth wide to accommodate the lust filled beast into him.

John was feeling awkward now, he wanted to get off but the man was in action now. And he was beyond his control, he had become a slave and seemed to satisfy his master. Om was being worshipped by John.

Om had drilled his lusty rod deeper into John. John gasped for breath as the majestic dick was into his throat, discharging its saline fluids of lust into him. Om now pulled it out a little relaxing John and then again moved it in with more thrust. Gradually Om was getting wild. His pelvic thrusts were getting rhythmic and John was painful, holding Om’s hairy thighs.

Now Om was over John, in one-on-one position. John lying with his back on the ground and Om riding on John. John’s face was between Om’s thighs and Om’s pelvis moved to and fro rhythmically over John. And his huge penis moved into John’s mouth like a piston rod. Om was wild and fucked John fiercely in his mouth.

Finally, Om attained orgasm and a violent stream of thick, hot and sticky lust filled up John’s mouth. His mouth was filled to the brim and as Om’s penis was still in his mouth, the hot semen trickled down his throat. John gulped it. Om raised a little over John and pulled his penis out of John’s mouth, it again spattered a loadful of hot semen all over John’s face. John’s manliness shattered as he didn’t know what to do. As Om moved another hot stream of semen spattered over his face and chest with force.

John was seeking comfort in Om, but had to pay the price for that in the form of his shattered manhood.

Om got over and lay beside John, dragging him along into his pubic region. Om opened his eyes and looked at his bare body and lowered underwear. Then he glanced at John, whose face was into his pubic region. He was shocked and sat up.

‘John, what is this?’ Om asked him.

John sprang up. His eyes wide open and the sticky white fluid still on his face. He wiped it off quickly.

‘What happened? What is this?’ Om asked again.

‘Ah! W…W…. What? Ah….! Actually I was afraid of the noises…. And I got closer to you…’ John explained him what happened hesitatingly in a stammering voice.

‘Then? You could have resisted, at least!’

John was silent.

‘So this means, you enjoyed that?’ Om said, ‘In fact, I am feeling relaxed now, I was too stressed out. And as you might be knowing, caressing a man’s chest arouses him. I enjoyed that! Actually I enjoy sex. I never thought a man can also make another man relaxed in such a manner. Since you enjoyed it, we will have another session, whenever there need be. Because where would I get a partner in this forest, right John?’ Om had shifted from Mr. John to John.

John couldn’t even raise his eyes. He was feeling very ashamed.

Om got up and pulled up his underwear and stretched his body and arms wide. He yawned and looked here and there. He went to the lions and stroked them lovingly. John sheepishly peeked at Om and worshipped his machismo. He felt a sensation as Om’s muscles flexed as he made any move. He was unconsciously admiring his manly chest with the chest hair.

‘Its dawn, see the birds have started chirping. There seems to be a stream nearby, lets get fresh to move further.’ Om exclaimed with joy.

.....Continued down below the comments.................

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